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Arbitration is all about a hearing and a decision that ends the case.

When you retain Westlake Mediation & Arbitration to handle your arbitration, you get fairness, sound judgment and an arbitrator at a reasonable price who will push for a swift hearing.

Arbitration is simply this: the disputing parties hire an arbitrator to act as judge and jury. Instead of a trial, the parties go to an arbitration hearing. The arbitration hearing is similar to a trial, but is less expensive and done in a more relaxed atmosphere.

A trial is held in a courtroom; an arbitration hearing is held in a conference room.
The arbitrator conducts the hearing much as a judge conducts a trial, but with less formality. Arbitration

Witnesses are sworn in and testify.
Documents are entered into evidence.
Objections are raised and ruled on.
The rules of evidence are followed, but with some flexibility.

At the end of the hearing, the arbitrator considers the evidence and issues a ruling, called an “Award,” which the parties have agreed in advance is binding. In other words, the parties have agreed to be bound by whatever the arbitrator decides.

The case is then over, and one side has won.

Mr. Westlake has served as a court appointed arbitrator on a number of cases in the past fifteen years. No one will be fairer in rendering an Award.

Contact the firm to discuss your arbitration needs.